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How to Enter




The Call for Entries for APSCA 2022 is open till 22nd April, 2022. Entries are required to be submitted before the closing date.

This is the opportunity for you and your agencies to showcase top class performance, innovation and receive due recognition for your achievements.

 Who can enter?

State owned organizations, ministries, public servants, civil servants, public private partnership-oriented organizations & projects leading personalities in the public sector.

 Closing date

The closing date for entries is Friday, 22nd April, 2022 at 18:00 GMT. All dates for submission as set down on the website are final and no initial entry will be accepted after the stated closing date.

What do I need to do to enter?

  • Choose which category (ies) you want to enter
  • Download the entry form and fill all relevant information
  • Put together any further supporting material
  • Enter your submission online – only online submissions will be accepted
  • Online support material

NB: You can also upload testimonials, press clippings, copies of printed material, images, case studies, etc.

Specific Category Criteria

Civil Servant of the Year-This category recognizes young civil servants who:    are a source of inspiration to others; Demonstrate innovation; and demonstrate leadership abilities. Nominees will be assessed based on the following Criteria:

  • Achievement and Job Attitude: How well the Nominee performs on the job.
  • Personal Values and Character: How well the Nominee portrays moral and ethical, values; respect others and leadership qualities.
  • Customer Service Skills (Internal and or External): Interactive attributes.

Commissioner of the Year– This category recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to the country.

Outstanding Woman in Government

This category recognizes outstanding women in the public sector who have distinguished themselves as nation builder and inspiration to young women in the continent.

Minister of the Year Award

This category is specially designed to celebrate top government ministers who have contributed immensely to the growth of their ministry, country and Africa.   

Outstanding Governor on Driving Digital Government Awards

This category has been created to celebrate exceptional governors driving economic and social growth through innovative digital solutions and policies.

Public Sector CEO of the Year

This category recognizes public servants who: are highly skilled; collaborate with others; maintain strong ethics in their day-to-day work; are innovative; and inspire and motivate others through their personal example of professionalism.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognising those who have been in the Civil Service for over 30 years, demonstrating long-term commitment to the Civil Service.

Each Award category has its own entry criteria. Please ensure that you read these closely so that your answer format is tailored accordingly. NB: The judges reserve the right to re-allocate an entry deadline & delivery detail.

All entries should be submitted on or before the entry deadline of Friday, 22nd  April, 2022  at 18:00 GMT.

All entries should be submitted electronically to and must adhere to the required format.

Confidentiality & Publication

All materials will remain confidential to the judges.

We do recommend that you provide as many metrics as possible with your entries. You can flag any commercially sensitive elements of your entry with the wording ‘Not for Publication’. The organizers will ensure that this highlighted information is not published in any form.

NB: Please do not use color to flag but make it clear by use of symbols or footnotes.

The organizers strongly recommend that when submitting entries all appropriate permissions from key stakeholders have been obtained.

Supporting Information

Where your entry can be usefully supported with supporting material, you may provide a maximum of three items per entry. Supporting material should be chosen with care. It should be relevant and enhancing to the main entry. You may include high quality photographs, a short video of MDA’s works and achievements, if you feel that these supports your entry.

Please bear in mind that judges will have only limited time to consider supporting material and so quality of supporting material rather than quantity is of importance. ‘Less is often more’. A summarized one-page PowerPoint might be easier to digest than pages of documentation.

Your entry must be accompanied by a high-resolution copy of your corporate logo together with one or two high resolution images that can be used to support your entry in the event you are shortlisted. Logos and pictures should be in Jpeg or Png format.

Africa’s public sector needs to be increasingly innovative to effectively respond to the complex challenges facing society now and in the future.